Sync your items prices from Amazon US to Ebay. Get more revenue.

Our Repricing Tool trusted by sellers to generate over 500 million dollars of revenue per month, is coming to Shopify. 

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Focus On Your Business

Focus on your business

We’ll get your items priced correctly across multiple marketplaces. When we sync from Amazon US to eBay, you get to focus on the price those items need to be to get revenue. Increase your sales while you sleep.

Control Your Store

Use advanced logic to determine how to match prices. Lower prices in Amazon or raise prices in other e-commerce channels. Price Sync helps you get there.

Control Your Store
Comply with Amazon

Comply With Amazon

Amazon wants to have the lowest price on an Item. We will make sure that happens so they don’t penalize you. Automatically reprice to comply with Amazon’s rule that the same item cannot be sold for less on another e-commerce site.

Maximize Profits

Maximize profits across all your channels by identifying which are more valuable on different channels. If it isn’t worth selling on Amazon, we’ll let you know with our Insights product so you can have better margins.

Increase Revenue

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